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Trip to Manali

Every now and then we have long weekends swoosh past us before we realise it. And If you’re a North-indian it is most definite that you’ve spent at least one such weekend visiting the apparent “Goa” of North India a.k.a. Manali. But just like Goa, this place too has seen the worst of bustling tourism.
Regardless, if this is your first trip to Manali or your tenth, here are some off-beat ideas that’ll help you get away from the usual hustle of the Summer Capital of Himachal – the cars, the traffic and the over-excited tourists, and feel Manali for what it originally was : raw, free and beautiful!


Ashima A day in Naggar All too often we find ourselves close to either Kullu or Manali. It may be because we're about to begin a trek that starts from somewhere in the area. It could be because we're heading to Ladakh via the Manali-Leh Highway. Sometimes we're...

Rumsu – The dream escape

"We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us." Not many who've visited Himachal Pradesh have risked enough to explore. We look for little escapes to the mountains, but more often than not, we travel to the same old places, the same old hill-stations,...

Old Manali

Again, not exactly off-beat, but if you're really looking for a typical Goa-kind-of-Manali experience, you cannot miss out on this. Plus Old Manali promises an array of activities that will certainly not let you down. Lined with little motels and cafes, tattoo...

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