“We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us.”

Not many who’ve visited Himachal Pradesh have risked enough to explore. We look for little escapes to the mountains, but more often than not, we travel to the same old places, the same old hill-stations, the same old ‘cool and hippie’ Parvati Valley. Or if we really have feel like doing something different, we skim through a couple of blogs, find a hip-enough spot, take a bus and tell ourselves we’re going on an adventure.

Anyway, dig a little deeper, wander further ahead, and you’ll find beautiful villages tucked away from the crowd in the land of snowed-in peaks. Rumsu, a short hike from the village of Naggar in Beas Valley, is such a sweet little spot in Himachal. Maintaining just enough distance from the crowded side of Himachal, Rumsu happens to be ‘the dream escape’ for numerous reasons.

Here’s why :

Easy access.
Considering Rumsu’s close proximity to Manali, it is surprising how few the number of visitors Rumsu has had over the past few years while most of Himachal was being raided by all kinds of tourists from around the world. Naggar is about 324 miles from Delhi by road. Rumsu is an hour’s hike away from Roerich Art Gallery in Naggar, or you may continue by road which is another mile or two. We’d recommend taking the short and easy hike because the views are splendid.

We know, we know, the first two reasons with the ‘easy access’ and the ‘affordability’ make it sound like we’re selling a corporate product here, but to be honest, it still surprises us how low a homestay in Rumsu has cost us each time we’ve visited. There are hardly any commercial hotels or guesthouses in the village, and the ones we’ve stayed at are literally dirt cheap. There are also a couple of fancy stays coming up around the area, but th ese too are quite reasonably priced seeing how much is available in an area as remote.

Far, far away from the noise
We take this very seriously. The kind of people a place is surrounded with makes all the difference. Not only does it physically affect an area, but it has an impact on its energy and vibe as well. Rumsu is not just another village constantly swamped by cool, irresponsible tourists. Ever since the trek to Chandrakhani Pass has grown popular, Rumsu does have more tourists than usual, but it is still far, far away from noise, traffic and well, most humans.

Trek to Chandrakhani
A long, long time ago, Jamlu Devta from Malana had a basket full of local Gods in his hand while he walked to Chandrakhani Pass. When he reached the pass, he opened the basket and whooosh! A strong wind blew all the Gods away to the surrounding peaks of Indrasan, Parvati, Deo Tibba and Pir Panjal. That is the magnificent view from Chandrakhani and this particular pass comes with diverse mythical stories. What makes the low-altitude trek even better is that it forms a path between the villages of Rumsu in Beas and Malana in Parvati.

Walking around
Besides the trek to Chandrakhani Pass, there are countless trails around Rumsu that lead you to beautiful views. You walk in any direction and you’ll come across apple orchards, flatlands and views to kill for. Just make sure you’re trespassing with permission, and if not, please don’t be seen. The clouds, the forests and the snow peaks create magic together! You may find yourself laying in the sunshine and listening to the birds sing ancient songs of love for hours at a stretch!

The people
We like to call them the Rumsons.

Kidding. But we do believe that the people of Rumsu and their lifestyles have a vital role to play in maintaining its magic. Humble, hardworking women and carefree, shaanti-seeking men are the secret to Rumsu’s earthy feel. The houses are so old-school and schools aren’t inside a box. The food is just fresh fruits, milk, and simply-cooked vegetables and chapatis that keep you feeling light and energised all day. We usually feel fitter and more good-looking when we get back, and to be honest, we love it more than we love pizza.

The views and the weather
This may be last on our list but this is why we keep coming back to this quaint old village in Beas. A blog may have a thousand words and beautiful vocabulary, but if there’s substantial content missing, you won’t invest time in it. It is similar for travel as well.

And trust us, Rumsu has substantial content. Massive, majestic peaks, orchards, trails, forests, sunshine, homestays and a lovely weather, along with everything else on this list, is what makes Rumsu ‘the dream escape’ for us.